Thursday, September 29, 2011

Child Friendly Wood Fired Pizza - That's Amore'

Brisbane City Soccer Club
Hidden at the end of Mark Street

Child Friendly Snapshot:

Pram access? Yes
Kids' menu? Not specific, but not needed
Play area? Rumoured to be possibly building one...which would be fab!
Activities at the table? No
Room for kids to move around? Heaps!!!
Child friendly atmosphere? Yes
Prices? Excellent prices

I cannot believe that I have lived in this area for almost 11 years and I never knew this place was only down the road from me!!  I knew there was a Soccer Club as I see the kids training on the ovals.  But I didn't know there was such a good venue for child friendly dining hidden at the end of Mark Street in Newmarket. 
This place is not fancy in any way - they don't even provide china plates.  But the wood fired pizzas, especially with the new bases that they have started using, remind me of my Italian godmother's homemade pizzas from many years ago.  I would not recommend the pizzas that are served from the hot box, but instead order your wood fired pizza at the counter and go outside to watch the Italian men put the pizza in the outdoor oven using the big pizza paddle.  They sing as they go, which makes it all the more entertaining and they fuss over the children.  The kids love it....and they love the pizzas!!
By the time the kids have eaten, there is generally a soccer match on, which the boys love watching.  But there is enough room that a group of children can play on the grass or go and sit in the stadium and you can watch them the whole time....just make sure you get a table outside.  We have found this to be a fun place to catch up with a group of families.  Casual enough, and the kids can all run around together or watch the match, and the parents can have a catch up whilst still keeping an eye on all the littlies.  Just as long as anyone you ask to come along is aware that it is casual and easy going, and not to expect a fine dining experience.
I think this is only available on Friday nights, so skip cooking at the end of the week and treat yourselves to a relaxing, no fuss night out that the whole family will enjoy.


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