Sunday, September 11, 2011

Martha Stewart for child friendly home cooked meals.....

My blogs are becoming few and far between lately. Life just gets so busy. I have a lot of child friendly retaurants and cafes to update you on....but I have to spend some time sorting some photos on my phone. In the meantime, although we are always looking for child friendly dining, I am also always looking for child friendly home cooked meals, that are quick and easy and that the whole family can eat. I often get inspiration from the wonderful Martha Stewart...who is inspirational in many ways. But I love this link to her website that gives you 50 quick and easy child friendly dinners -all in one spot that you can scroll through at ease.

I have tried several on our brood, and each time we have had success. The lighter beef tacos were a fave with my kids....but a bit messy.

Good luck and enjoy!


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