Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lemonade Stand for Cancer ~ Child Friendly Project

This is not related to a child friendly restaurant review, but I had to share this with you.  Our eldest daughter who is 6, came to us and wanted to hold a lemonade stand.  We initially brushed the idea off.  But she was persistent and explained that she wanted to raise money for cancer.  In her words she said "Mum I want to give money to someone who can make really good medicines to get rid of cancer ".

It brought tears to my eyes!!  So of course, we are getting ready to hold a cliche lemonade stand out the front of our house to raise money for good cancer medicines - Saturday 15th October from about 10am.

My mother suffers from a brain tumour and has to have chemothereapy every month for the rest of her life.  She is an amazing woman, and although we don't talk about her illness a lot, our children are clearly aware of the effect it has had on her life and the family as a whole.  This was never more evident than when Polly came up with this idea.....

We wanted to support and encourage her initiative, so we called the Australian Cancer Research Foundation who have endorsed the lemonade stand as fundraising on their behalf, and from there the support has been amazing.  Murray Bros and the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea have provided 200 lemons free of charge so we can make the lemonade.  Sharnel Dollar Designs is lending a few bits and pieces for the stand set-up.  The neighbours are all pitching in with baking, and Polly has recruited all the neighbours' children to help out on the day.  Quest Newspapers did a half page colour feature pre-promoting the event, and 4BC Talkback Radio interviewed Polly on the Breakfast Show.    This snowball effect has all started from one little 6 year old's desire to raise money for "cancer medicine".

We have made signs and bunting, and plan to cook up a few tasty treats to add to the stall.  Juicing the lemons has been fun - we have ten litres in the freezer and 3 more cartons of lemons to squeeze, which has been a joint effort with the kids.  We did a test run of the lemonade recipe last night which was delish.  We found it on the Simply Recipes website.  I would recommend it for those hot summer days on the deck. 

All in all it has been a fun project for Polly to organise.  I will update you on how we go and how much we raise on the day.....

Here is the link to the online news article.  The hard copy had a great photo included, but this has all the info.  Please note that the paper says it will be held this weekend, but we had to postpone a week due to the storm forecast and all this rainy weather.  Fingers crossed the 15th is a beautiful Spring day!!  Might see you there.

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  1. Wow... very inspiring... I can't wait to hear the results! Well done Sharnell for getting on board too! It will be interesting to see what Polly does for the rest of her life after coming up with this fabulous idea at such a young age!