Why Child Friendly?

I have four children - our eldest is ten years old, and then we have seven year old triplets. People often say to me, "Gee I bet you're housebound now".....No way!

It is much easier these days, but when they were younger it was a hassle at times to get them all packed up and out the door, but it is so great for us and the kids to get out and about. The trick is, YOU HAVE TO PICK YOUR RESTAURANTS! You cannot choose a quiet, intimate affair and expect that people are going to be happy to see you walking in the door with four children. Plus, you will be stressed out from the moment you request a highchair (or three in my case a few years back!). 

You want to enjoy your precious time altogether, and make dining out an experience that the whole family will enjoy.

In my pursuit to get out of the house I realised that there are so many child friendly restaurants and social activities. So, I decided to start this blog with the intention of testing out a few of these places and letting you know what worked for us. I hope you may enjoy my thoughts on this and I look forward to any feedback or input you may have.

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