Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some good ideas on dining out with kids....

I occasionally check this website (link attached) and although I think Jenny has some good ideas, she also has some different ideas that I don't totally agree with.

However, I like this post that I have attached, giving ideas on dining out with kids. I say "dining" because I like how she encourages us to take our children to good dining restaurants and not just take children to restaurants with drive through windows, or pubs with playgrounds! Nothing wrong with having a steak while the kids wear themselves out on a play fort. But it's good to broaden their experiences with restaurants where they have to understand and learn table etiquette.

I must point out that I definitely do not agree with her encouraging us to offer our children a sip of wine. In my humble opinion it is completely irresponsible for anyone to say it is okay. It is up to each parent, but I feel that it serves no purpose to offer wine or beer to children, and potentially could compromise their growing brains.

So ignore that section of the article, and take on board some of her other ideas. Enjoy!

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