Sunday, July 24, 2011

Karma Currency - child friendly and mess friendly presents!!

This is not a restaurant review, but I wanted to share with you this fabulous website which I think could be great for presents when you have no idea what to buy. Very child friendly!

You know the story....your neighbour's baby is turning one and you have been invited to the 1st birthday party. You feel compelled to buy more plastic toys that create more mess, less space and eventually more landfill!! Realistically the child will only ever play with it every now and then. Or perhaps you are stuck for buying Christmas presents for your second cousins in their early teens. You have no idea what's cool or what they are into.

Well now you can purchase a charitable donation from

For babies you can check out the section called philanthrabubs, and choose a charity focussed on children. Or you can choose anything on the list available including Cancer research, animal refuges, building wells in third world areas, or even contributing to purchasing GPS tracking systems for gorillas in the Congo.

There is even a gift register, so perhaps for your 40th birthday party or an upcoming Christening, you could suggest that guests donate to a specific cause as opposed to buying gifts. All money donated goes directly to the charity plus a $4.95 fee, and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. You can't claim plastic future land fill on your tax!!


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