Thursday, March 24, 2011

Child Friendly Karaoke at K-Music

K Music
Shop 39/342 McCullough St
Sunnybank   4109
T:  3219 6008
Located on the exterior of Sunny Park shopping centre in the new restaurant precinct.

I am not going to go through the traditional criteria because K Music really is a very different experience and does not fit into many of the requirements we look for in child friendly restaurants and cafes.  Please note this is not a karaoke place specifically for kids, but it opens from 3pm, so a nice option for a fun afternoon and early dinner.  Probably would not suit taking babies, but more like 3+ years.

Only recently opened, K Music is located in the "new Chinatown of Brisbane", as many now call Sunnybank.  The area is oozing with fantastic food options and amazing cultural experiences.  My kids love Asian food, so there are many restaurants in Sunnybank that we have tried and loved!  But this one was something very different.  Karaoke private rooms...hilarious!!

When we walked in I was amazed by the decor...carpeted feature walls, bright colours, all very groovy!  There is a small sit down restaurant area at the front and then the rest of K Music is made up of private rooms. 

You can hire a room for an hour or two, or all night.  I think with littlies, 1-2 hours was sufficient. The rooms are very plush, with lounges wrapping the walls and large screens for the karaoke. 

My children are too young to read the words on the karaoke screen, so we selected songs that they know of and let them make it up.  Teamed with 4 bowls of fried rice and a spring roll each, they had so much fun.

I would definitely recommend K Music for a family fun afternoon/early evening.  A group of families would be great too, as the rooms vary in size, dependent on the number of people.  The large room is quite spacious.  A group of adults would be create a few laughs (as a child free night) teamed with a few drinks...personally I am not a lover of karaoke, but it is always fun as a novel event. 

It is important to note that when children are present, K Music cannot serve alcohol to your private is condition of their liquor licence. 

I know you are probably thinking, why bother?  Just do Singstar or Wii Sing at home.  But it is the whole atmosphere, decor and novelty of K Music that makes it such a fun thing to do, and you don't have to worry about cooking dinner!  Child friendly and lots of fun!!

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