Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mos Burger...kid and adult friendly fast food!

Mos Burger
Sunnybank Plaza
Cnr Mains Rd and McCullough St
Sunnybank  4109

I would never normally recommend "fast food" in this blog.  However, this one is worth trying.  Mos Burger has been newly introduced to Australia from Japan (established in 1972) with the first Australian store opening last week at Sunnybank Plaza.  I have to say I was sceptical, especially by the name.  But it was delish!!

The kids options are standard fast food with chicken nuggets, yummy chips and cheese burgers.  But on the flip side, the adults have some interesting choices.  Yakiniku burger with a bun made from steamed rice, and the meat is thinly shaved marinated beef that does not have that oily taste of a burger or kebab.  It was so delicious!!  The teriyaki chicken burger was also fantastic....not that I ate two burgers, but we sampled each others.  It was made with a really nice burger bun and marinated chicken pieces.  The burgers are not as big as what you would get at a normal burger fast food outlet, but they are just enough and far less heavy or oily.  I know this pic does not look the best, but they are much better in real life.

There is sufficient space for a family to dine in, and the food was ready in record time.  The only drawback is the line up down the street to order, but it did move quickly.  It is very popular, perhaps because of the novelty factor, but I think it also has a fairly strong following and awareness in Asia.

The kids really enjoyed the food, but also liked the theatre of the place.  A glass panel enables you to see all the food being cooked and prepared.  The abundance of staff are so well presented and the kitchen area looked spotlessly clean.  Randomly, an individual staff member would yell out "Welcome to Mos Burger" and all the other staff would repeat in unison "Welcome to Mos Burger".  The kids loved that and started to join in which was hilarious.  This happened about 6 or 8 times whilst we were there, but it was not annoying.  The staff were so friendly and genuinely seemed excited about being there.

Mos Burger was fun and different, and perhaps could be something to check out over the school holidays after a movie at Hoyts, which is just around the corner from it.  I would not eat it every week, but it is worth a try - a "sometimes food" as my kids call it.  Enjoy!!

Because we are all asking the same question, "Is It Child Friendly?"

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