Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miss India was surprisingly good for kids!

Miss India
Cnr Victoria St and Kelvin Grove Rd

Kelvin Grove

Rating out of 5:   4 child friendly forks!!

Clean highchairs available? No high chairs
Pram access? Yes.
Kids' menu? No, but not needed
Play area? No
Activities at the table? No.
Room for kids to move around? Yes
Child friendly atmosphere? Yes.
Prices? Very reasonable.

Okay, so the criteria above does not seem overly flattering and you would not normally think that Indian food is a child pleaser.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  Our kids loved it!!  When Miss India opened near us I was very sceptical...the idea of Indian "fast food" was not overly appealing to me.  We had takeaway from there once and I didn't "love" it, but it was okay.  However, last Saturday night we walked up to dine in, and it was excellent. 

When we arrived with all 4 children the dining area was quite busy, but the staff quickly assembled some tables and chairs for us, as well as water and 6 glasses.  We ordered our meals, sticking to the less spicy options- 1xbutter chicken, 1xmango chicken, 2 large servings of rice and one garlic naan bread.  It does not seem a lot of food for 6 people but the servings are huge and we had leftovers.

The food came out very quickly (almost immediately) which is great with 4 hungry littlies to amuse, and they couldn't get enough of it!  They loved the chicken, the sauce, the rice and the naan!!  Two of them ate so much that we actually had to stop them from eating as we were worried they would be sick later. 

All four children loved watching the man make the naan bread through the glass window.  It was great theatre and they were intrigued with how he threw the dough around.  It was also great that you could see all their preparation areas and the kitchen (when we did multiple trips to the toilet), and all areas (including the restrooms) were immaculately clean.  The staff kept bringing out things for the children to taste including a sweet rice pudding and they fussed over the kids immensely.

The atmosphere is very casual and child friendly, although we were the only ones with kids there.  But it was an environment where we could all relax without worrying about disturbing others.  Our kids were so focussed on their food that they hardly said anything anyway, and this is very unusual for my clan who tend to eat like sparrows!!

As we were packing up to walk home, the two that ate the most, made their way back to the table to get a few more mouthfuls....something for the road!!  I couldn't believe it!!  This is a pic of Gracie sitting at the table on her own as we were all waiting to head off, just managing a few last minute mouthfuls!!

Thank goodness we were walking home, as we ate too much - it was just so good!!  Miss India was a hit with my kids and we will definitely be heading back time with a bottle of wine in hand as it is BYO.

Check out the new Kettler triplet trike we purchased to enable us to be mobile we can get out to local cafes and restaurants without having to drive, and the kids love it too!!

Check out child friendly restaurant reviews by location and if you have any ideas or suggestions on restaurants that are child friendly, I would love to hear from you.

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