Monday, December 5, 2011

Park Bench - a child friendly option for school holidays...

Park Bench Espresso Bar
133 Oxford Street,
Bulimba  4171
(Just behind Green Grass Home and Body on the corner facing the park)

If you are looking to fill some time on a gorgeous sunny day these school holidays, you should check out Park Bench Espresso Bar at Bulimba.  Very cool and casual, and a perfect child friendly stop either before or after a play at the fab park on the trendy Bulimba strip.

The coffee was divine and the toasted banana bread and milkshakes were a hit with the kids.  The owner has made it kid friendly by providing great  drawing packs labelled "Drawing gear for kids" that they can use whilst sitting at Park Bench, and the casual atmosphere and cushions enabled the kids to lounge about after a big morning at the park.  The owner is from a family of cafe owners and restauranters and she definitely knows how to do it right - it seems she has thought of everything!

After that, we ducked into Green Grass (a divine home and body gift store - same owner as Park Bench), which was a bit tricky with kids in tow.  But if you only have one child with you or you have a morning to yourself, it is worth a browse.  I bought gorgeous stripey red drinking straws for Christmas parties (144 straws for $9.95 - bargain!), spotted cupcake wrappers (24 for $5 - also cheap), and little ice cream cups with cute spoons, great for kids desserts for events such as the neighbourhood Christmas party (the less washing up the better).  The Christmas decorations in there were adorable and I could have spent so much more time and money in there, without the children.  So I will be doing a trip back there soon.
Highly recommend Park Bench Espresso and the Bulimba park on Oxford Street as a child friendly outing these school holidays.

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