Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lemonade Stand to go ahead...rain, hail or shine...literally!

You may have seen my last post where I explained why we are doing a Lemonade Stand, raising money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.  If not, you can read it here

Well Polly's lemonade stand goes ahead this Saturday, and what bad timing it is!!  Firstly it is predicted to be thundery rain ALL DAY!!  Secondly we are having our house renovated, and they decided to excavate the front yard this week, just before all that torrential rain, and tomorrow (Friday) they are pouring concrete for the driveway.  So it is a bit of a mess, which is amplified by the rain!

However, we have juiced all the lemons (15 litres of lemon juice in the freezer), baked cupcakes and cookie wands, and will be cooking the popcorn and mixing up the lemonade on Saturday morning.  Polly has made bunting and other signs and all the kids can't wait to set up the lemonade stand.  The excitement could possibly be short lived if there are no people and we are standing out in the pouring rain.  But hey, we had fun doing it.

I will update you with photos and how much we were able to raise for the Cancer Foundation.

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