Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Good Wrap - child friendly and green friendly.

We are renovating our house at the moment, and so my regular past time is going through home decorating magazines. Recently I was reading House and Garden Magazine and came across a story titled Mothers of Invention, featuring a series of mums who have started new and innovative businesses and have been able to successfully balance this with family. I think having more balance in our lives is what we all strive for, be it with work, our partners, children, downtime, personal fitness etc. So of course I was drawn to the story for some personal motivation.

There were so many of the ideas that I loved, so I might go back and reread and feature others down the track, but this one really took my interest and motivated me to go to the website immediately. A Good Wrap is a great idea for school lunchboxes, doing away with glad wrap, sandwich bags and all those other disposable lunch wraps. A Good Wrap has created a reusable lunch wrap made from cotton and nylon. It can be simply wiped out with a cloth or put through a cold machine wash. The range of patterns in the fabrics are limited at this stage but gorgeous all the same. And they are all secured with velcro so really easy for kids to open. Our 4 year old triplets often find it hard to open some plastic containers when they are at pre-prep, so these will be so much easier for them.

The best thing about it is that the large sized sandwich wrap is only $12!! See here. So not only is it Eco friendly, cutting down on the rubbish in the playground and in our landfill, but it also will save you a heap in not having to use as much glad wrap. A lot of schools these days require nude food, so this also works brilliantly with that policy. I thought I might go for the bundle special. Seems to be child friendly, eco friendly and wallet friendly!!

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