Friday, February 18, 2011

La Vosh is Delish!

La Vosh Patisserie
Musgrave Road

Red Hill

Rating out of 5:   4 child friendly forks!!
Clean highchairs available? No high chairs
Pram access? Yes.

Kids' menu? No, but not needed
Play area? No
Activities at the table? Yes.Room for kids to move around? Not a lotChild friendly atmosphere? Yes.Prices? Very reasonable.

In recommending this cafe/patisserie, it is not because of a large playground where you can sit back and let the kids run riot.  It is more a place that you take your children to have a babycino, sit up at the table and have a chat.  Every child needs to learn table manners and how to behave in a cafe, and this is a really easy place to get them into the swing of things.

I went there with my two boys (both 3 years old) and my older daughter (6), and we had a delightful time.  We ordered $1 babycinos, Dora and Ben 10 drinks, and delicious freshly cooked NY bagels with jam or cream cheese for only $3 each.  My kids only ate half each, so 2 bagels between 3 kids would have been more than enough.  I had a perfect coffee and was tempted (but resisted) by the gorgeous array of cakes and treats on display.

Each table was covered in butchers' paper with a basket of crayons for the kids to draw.  The kids ate their bagels, drank their drinks and happily drew pictures while Mum relaxed with the paper and coffee. 

Also on offer is freshly baked sour dough, hot food, and a colourful display of sorbets, ice cream and gelati, including lemon, raspberry and mango sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream and burnt caramel gelati!!  We will definitely head back there to sample these delights.

La Vosh has an old-style corner store feel, with friendly staff and delish food.  I would definitely recommend it.

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