Sunday, August 1, 2010

A trip to the Pacific...

Pacific Golf Club
430 Pine Mountain Rd
Mansfield  (near Carindale)
T:  3343 0888

Pic copied from their website, as my camera ran out of batteries. but our food did look like this!!.

Rating out of 5:        4 child friendly forks

Clean highchairs available? Yes
Pram access? Yes.
Kids' menu? Yes.
Play area? Yes - indoor playroom.
Activities at the table? No
Room for kids to move around? Yes.
Child friendly atmosphere? Yes
Prices? Very reasonable.

We have been to Pacific Golf Club a few times, but recently we had a friend's birthday gathering there.  I think this is an excellent child friendly option.  There is a kids' room where they can play, and although this is out of view, we sat close to the playroom entry so we could check on them regularly and hear what was going on.  The kids' menu has several options besides the standard chicken nuggets, and the adult menu is excellent and very reasonably priced.  You would expect the standard of food to be "clubish", but it isn't.  The children had spaghetti bolognaise, I had the salmon and Mike had the steak, and we were all suitably impressed.  Prices are very reasonable too.  The only trap with a place like this where there is a kids playroom available, is that some people just let their children go in there and not see them for the night.  This did cause some issues, with having to intervene and advise some of the bigger kids to slow down with the young ones.  But otherwise I would highly recommend this venue as a great family option, catering to children of varying ages.  We will definitely be back there.

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